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Fashion Startup Success – From Pattern Cutting, Sourcing And Sampling To Garment Manufacturing For Startups

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Expert London Fashion Consultancy is here to guide fashion startups and ambitious small fashion labels, all the way from initial ideas to catwalk success.

Fashionworks London are with your new fashion brand at every step, from sourcing expert pattern cutting, sampling and grading, through to sourcing clothing manufacturers for startups and everything in-between. Our team specialise in interpreting fashion design sketches. We give expert advice - check our Google Reviews from our clients.

Katy Cordina guides you every step of the way as part of her fabulous service. Katy and her team can help you to set up and run a fashion label.

My dealings with Katy and FashionWorks London so far have been fantastic. Katy is honest, knowledgable and fantastically helpful. This is my first proper foray into fashion having been a graphic designer for 30 years. The knowledge I have is useful, but the knowledge I lack is enormous.

FashionWorks hold your hand and deliver expert advice and help every step of the way. This personal service gives you the confidence and the reassurance to concentrate on the design, without the worry of slipping up on the technical and production elements I am yet to grasp. If the label is a success it will be because of the invaluable insight and experience Katy has shown. If it fails, it'll be down to my shoddy design, and my personal short comings alone. Fingers crossed our partnership will herald something positive the public didn't know they wanted, while avoiding the obvious industry pitfalls and school boy errors I would not have known about.

I whole-heartedly recommend Katy and her team at FashionWorks London. Money very well spent.

Julian Biggs - 'St.Monday'

Experts in helping Fashion startups

Katy offers consultations to discuss your startup project. She can project manage the startup from initial sketch to launch. Katy can source expert pattern cutting services, garment sampling and manufacturing, fashion consultancy and project management.

Katy Cordina offers expert advice to anyone looking to start up a fashion business. “My clients come from all different backgrounds. Many are from the corporate world… bankers and lawyers. Some are engineers, mothers, architects. Most have no formal fashion training but they are entrepreneurs with a desire to start up a fashion label”.

Fashionworks London are here to help aspiring designers to start a clothing label. We draw on our own extensive experience in the fashion industry, to assist aspiring designers in setting up a fashion brand from the ground up and build a successful startup fashion business.

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