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Pattern cutting and garment sampling for fashion

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We take care of your pattern cutting, garment sampling and garment manufacturing requirements and offer the very best service to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs.

Fashionworks London work with highly skilled pattern cutters in the UK, delivering expert pattern cutting and grading. We also work with the best garment sampling specialists for fashion. Our team specialise in interpreting fashion design sketches. We give expert advice too - check our Google Reviews from past clients.

We are experts at providing a complete pattern cutting and garment sampling service.We also help with range planning and guide you every step of the way as part of our fabulous service. We can even help you to set up and run a fashion label.

Experts in helping Fashion startups

We can guide you on how to start a fashion business.

We offer personal consultations to discuss your startup project at our offices in central London. We can also project manage the entire startup.

Katy Cordina offers expert advice to anyone looking to start up a fashion business, regardless of whether you have a fashion degree or not. “My clients come from all different backgrounds. Many are from the corporate world… bankers and lawyers. Some are engineers, mothers, architects. Most have no formal fashion training but they are entrepreneurs with a desire to start up a fashion label selling online and they come to me because I can help them get started”.

Fashionworks London are here to help aspiring designers to start a clothing label. We draw on our own extensive experience in the fashion industry, to assist aspiring designers in setting up a fashion brand from the ground up and build a successful startup fashion business.

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