Fashion PR Marketing for Start-ups - exclusive to Fashionworks London clients

You've worked hard to get your collection together and now you deserve results!

We offer a choice of two options to our clients, a Basic phone based introduction to help increase your brand awareness and a Premium service which is a full day course to help you get your brand off to the best start.

1) Basic Fashion PR Package

A 90 minute call with Fashionworks London clients to discuss your strategy for increasing brand awareness and securing PR. Invaluable practical advice on moving forwards. A summary of actions will be given at the end of the call.

The focus will be on:-
Two areas of concern such as social media, securing PR coverage, influencer/celeb endorsement or promotion strategy immediate actions over the next month that will get you on your way to more effective social media and PR strategy and getting your first pieces of coverage or the exact steps to take to go about promoting business activity, such as having a concession in Harrods or the necessary steps to securing celeb endorsement. As with anything, the advice that is given will be relevant to where the brand is with their current online, marketing and PR strategy.

Our clients will have:-

  • A recording of the call
  • An hour long online video training on how to draft a press release
  • A fashion press release template
  • A list of 25 relevant media outlets to pitch for both your brand and personal story
  • A list of 'Awareness' days for the next 12 months to enable you to forward plan your PR strategy

The call will be followed up with an email including the details or any resources mentioned during the call. You will be able to email Brenda once in the following week with any questions and she will provide you with guidance as required.

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