Startup Services To Launch A Fashion Brand

We like to help fashion startups get started smoothly without making any costly mistakes or wasting money.

To date we have helped many aspiring fashion entrepreneurs start a fashion business and launch their collections. They are all very diverse.

Our company ethos is rooted in good working practices – everything is made in the UK by a well-paid happy workforce. We don’t believe in mass production or slave labour. We can only help startups to manufacture in the UK. This adds tremendous value to your brand.

Fashionworks London are experts in the industry. Using our years of experience, it is our goal to take your vision from initial sketch to garment sampling and production.

Consultations with Fashionworks London

Book a video consultation to discuss your project. This is the start of your startup journey. You will be given invaluable advice and help by Fashionworks London.

Consultations by appointment only. Please email to book.

During the consultation, the team will look closely at your designs, listen to your objectives, discuss your vision and make constructive suggestions to help you make your vision a reality. Fashionworks London will go through your designs piece by piece and advise you and guide you every step of the way. Make this your first step on the road to success.

Following on from the consultation, The team will provide you with a blueprint for your start up. This is a very practical guide with details of the best fabric suppliers who offer low minimums for startups and those that are most suitable for your label and market level. In addition you will be introduced to the best UK clothing manufacturers for wovens, jersey and knitwear.

Every aspiring fashion entrepreneur who has had a consultation has been inspired and has left with a wealth of invaluable information and determination to take it to the next step".

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Your journey to having your own fashion label starts here - get in touch and see how we can help you.